WATCH: ABS-CBN and GMA Media Vehicles Caught On Cam Forestalling Fire Truck

In the evening of January 19, 2018 a fire broke out in a factory inside the Cavite Processing Zone in Rosario Cavite.

By 10:45 pm Bureau of Fire Protection Calabarzon Regional Director Sr. Supt. Sergio Soriano Jr. has raised the alarm to Task Force Alpha.

Firemen from near the fire and even from Manila race to help put out the fire. In a movie-like thrilling car chase video, a fireman named Archie Zamora recorded their response from Manila to Cavite in 20 minutes.

In the video, however, the loss of discipline and respect of Filipino drivers more especially the media was captured.

In the beginning, Archie is heard asking the media response vehicles to let them pass.

"Yung media po, nakikiusap kami, padaanin niyo muna kami."

Archie was heard asking for several times because the media vehicle of ABS-CBN keeps on getting in their way, in their attempt to respond to the fire first.

"Kanina pa kami nakikiusap sainyo."

It seems that he decided to start filming the video because the media vehicle didn't want to let them pass. It is a standard procedure for every driver to go slow and keep to the right lane when there is an emergency, media personnel are not part of the emergency response team.

When they reached the toll gate, a pick-up from GMA made its way in the middle of the ambulance in front and the firetruck that Archie was riding. An officer already signalled the GMA media to change lane, but in the last minute it still decided to get in the way.

All throughout the 20 minute video, cars, trucks and other vehicles are exposed on how they are not following the standard procedure. Some of the vehicle they passed by seem to not care about the emergency and that they are in a hurry.

We all wish the president sees this so he can do something about these disrespectful drivers.

In the comment section, the anger of the netizen who were watching the video can be felt especially over the two media vehicles who didn't want to let the firetruck pass.




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