PRRD Meets With Luggage Theft Victims, Warns Airport Execs To Be Fired If Another Incident Happens Again

It has long been a problem of airports when people complain about their belongings being ransacked, or worst, slashed.

It is such a common practice that some airport officials seem to think that, just because no one is complaining, they can get away with it.

Those days are over because of a video that went viral and reached more than four million views and more than 80,000 shares.

Jovinal Dela Cruz uploaded the video on Facebook just recently, where he expressed his dismay upon discovering that his personal belongings were mishandled and his luggage zipper ripped.

On January 12, in the Malago Clubhouse in Malacanang Park in San Miguel, President Rodrigo Duterte himself met with the complainants.

The meeting was also attended by Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade and airport officials.

During the meeting, the president lectured his officials that he is sensitive regarding small people, he didn't want the small people being taken advantage of by people of power.

He  warned them about ensuring there wouldn’t be another case of luggage theft or lest they start looking for another job.
“Kung sino ang provider dyan, (who ever is the provider) you terminate the contract and provide another one and so for all the airports all over the country. I don’t want it to be repeated ever again.. people must see clearly, even for the small man or Filipino, there is justice for you.”
The next time, if this happens. I will fire you. Sigurado yan. Basta kapag may nangyari pa ulet, sure yan. I will fire you.
Duterte also demanded the airport officials to make a public apology to the aggrieved party.

Speaking to the complainants, the president then assured the two of them that the government will pay for whatever they lost as he deeply apologize.

Dela Cruz then said that it was already compensated, the Clark International Airport Corp Acting President Alexander Cauguiran assures that Miascor has already paid Dela Cruz for the lost items in his baggage that amounted to P84,000.

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