Antonio Tabug, 50, who held a rank of SPO3, is now detained in the Mabolo police’s detention cell after he allegedly offered P50,000 to release his friend, Roselle Paculaba, who was caught for a drug-related offense last week. 

Thereafter, Chief Insp. Clark Ariola, commander of the Mabolo Police Precinct said he planned an entrapment operation inside the station where negotiations were to take place.

When SPO3 Antonio Tabug showed the money, the Mabolo police immediately declared an entrapment operation and arrested him. 

Aside from the bribery try, Tabug also allegedly yielded two medium packs and one large pack of illegal drugs. Also arrested was his companion, Juvy Marabellas, 37, a resident of Barangay Ermita, who had two small sachets of shabu from her possession. 

In an interview, Ariola said they consider Tabug a high-value target and warned others that any attempts at bribery would never succeed. 

Meanwhile, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña expressed his appreciation of the Mabolo Police.

He took a screenshot of the Cebu Daily News Facebook page carrying the story and posted it on his Facebook page, with the comment, “I will personally contribute 20,000 pesos, 2 lechons, and unli-beer for a salo-salo for the men of the Mabolo Station at a time of their choosing. Proud to have honest police like them.”


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