Eurasia Future Director Labeled Rappler And Other Opposition the "Corporate Elites"

Since the day the Security and Exchange Commission released the order that Rappler's registration is revoked, we have seen the opinions of people and where they stand.

There were those who understood that what happened has nothing to do with the government attacking press freedom, it is because Rappler broke the law which they refuse to admit.

These were those who stood by Rappler, screamed justice and attacked President Rodrigo Duterte and accused him of attacking the press and specifically wanting Rappler to fall.

These were the liberal people, these were the ones working for Rappler, these were the ones who are on the opposing side of the political fence, these were the ones who refuse to see the truth because they didn't want to see Duterte seated.

They do not want the fact that Duterte has been changing the Philippines for the better, maybe because they were spoiled before, or maybe they were doing something unlawful before and they have to stop now.

Nevertheless, even foreigners are speaking their mind about what is happening here. Adam Garrie, the director of Eurasia Future recently tweeted about his take on the Rappler issue.

According to him this is not a battle between press freedom, this is a battle between the people and the corporate elite who got spoiled in the past administrations.


It's nice to see that even foreigners are seeing the change that is happening to our country that some people are refusing to see because of their alliance.

A netizen commented on Garrie's post and said that it is called capitalism in which Garrie agreed, where he repeated what he said about these noisy people being corporate elites.


What do you think about this? Do you agree with Garrie?

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