DDS Blogger Burns Hontiveros: "Go Review Our Constitution, Senator"

When the news came out that SEC issued an order announcing the revocation of Rappler's registration, a lot of people were taken aback.

Some even took it further, like Rappler themselves to blatantly point fingers to Duterte and blame him for the order. This was then explained by the presidential daughter and the presidential spokesperson, they reiterated that the SEC chairman was an appointee of the Aquino administration and not by Duterte.

On the other hand, those that sided with Rappler were given slaps on the face for obviously not seeing the real reason but only seeing it as a chance to point fingers at the president.

One of which is Senator Risa Hontiveros. She is a known detractor of the president right from the start, so when the news came out, she immediately took the chance to fire.

Apparently, she did not try to understand the ruling first, before giving her statement. She said in the statement that what happened is pure harassment.
"The revocation of Rappler's registration is pure harassment and a clear attack on press freedom. It is also Marcosian. It's a move straight out of the dictator's playbook. I urge the public and all media practitioners to defend press freedom and the right to speak truth to power."
With this, a DDS blogger and a social media warrior wasn't able to contain herself as she went on and blasted her when she replied back to the senator's Tweet.

In her bite-back, she reminded the senator to review the constitution.
"Don't muddle the issue. Registration was revoked not because they belong to your league but because Rappler violated the Constitution by selling control to foreign entity. You yak like you know nothing about the law. Go review our Constitution, Senator."

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