Bombs Dropped: Pia Ranada Exposed By A Fellow Malacañang Reporter For Being Ungrateful to PRRD

A social media post of a reporter named Henry Uri is making rounds in social media now. The said post started just like any other posts that are admiring President Rodrigo Duterte, but with a twist in the end.

The post started as Uri recalled his day on May 9, 2016, the day of the Presidential Elections where President Duterte won.

According to him, they were the reporters on duty when the President voted. As the president went on his way out of the precinct where he was assigned to vote, reporters flocked him and one person even pinched him in the face according to Uri.


Through the squabbles with the PSG and the reporters, Uri and his companions fell  into a "kanal" in the gutter.


Uri shared how he and 2 more companions fell, one of which was a woman who scraped her thigh and arm because of the fall.


The president saw what happened, but the schedule went on and they went to a presscon afterwards.

When the presscon was concluded, the staff of the president brought Uri and his companions who got hurt to a hospital in Davao.

Uri recalled how shocked he was to see security when they went inside the emergency room where the president himself was there, he was the one who personally made sure they were okay.

The woman that got hurt also got personal treatment from the president. He noted how concerned was felt in the voice of the president.


"Oh yung media nahulog, asikasuhin niyo."

The president even accompanied the woman who fell to the Xray room, all the while asking her and Uri if they were okay and for them not to leave until they are okay.


When the president left, Uri thought about it and wondered why he personally tended to them. At first, he admitted that he thought the president was doing that for publicity and for votes, but when he looked at his watch it was already 8pm and the election was over.

The president was already leading the count. But instead of going home to rest, he went to the hospital to make sure the reporters who got hurt are okay.


Lastly, for the twist in his post, he dropped a bomb and said that the woman that the president took care of was indeed no other than the one who tirelessly bashes hims everyday since he won - Ms. Pia Ranada of Rappler.


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