Atty. Trixie Breaks Her Silence And Puts Back The Blame Of Fake News To Rappler

In the few days of the aftermath of the Rappler registration revocation by SEC, it seems that Rappler and all the people who are siding with them are determined not to let this pass and to keep making senseless noise.

Their latest tirade is pointing out that President Rodrigo Duterte was quite wrong in pointing out that Rappler is spreading fake news. As an example, the president showed them an article that Rappler published about the president's assistant having something to do with a P15-B warship deal.

Rappler wrote on their page:

"The President knows who produces fake news in the Philippines, and it certainly is not Rappler. He doesn't have to look far from where he sits in Malacanang."

With this, a prominent lawyer and a follower of the president Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles couldn't help but lambast Rappler for their drama.

She started by doubting what Rappler said that they will fight because they are part of a tradition of fighters, Angeles reiterated that the only fight that is going to happen is a legal one.
Chos. Eto na naman ang drama ng Rappler. They will fight daw. They are part of a tradition of fighters daw. Eto na naman si hold the line nila.
Ushuuuuu... The only fight here is a legal one. You have no say in it except to tell us if you admit to wrong doing -- in which case you can ask for time to possibly correct your "mistake" -- or insist on the legality of your actions and risk the very real possibility of having your certificate of incorporation revoked.
She also said that Rappler has a lot of drama saying that the press freedom is being attacked where in the real reason why they were able to reach that status is by exercising that same right.
Ang dami pang drama about being under attack and freedom of the press... yet the only reason we are hearing about you is precisely because you are exercising those freedoms.
Lastly, she went on by saying that Rappler were even proud that they are guilty, while adding the hastag #KAYOangFakeNews
At please lang! If this government really wanted you to stop, there are the provisions in the Revised Penal Code against inciting to sedition, and false publications (that's, Fake News to you) that could very easily have been filed against you guys. I have no doubt that those cases will win because... hell, from where I stand, not only are you guilty, you're proud of it too.

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