NCCC employee burned to his death after trying to rescue more people trapped inside the burning mall

One of the people who got charred to death inside the burnt NCCC mall in Davao was hailed as a ‘hero’ by the authorities after the investigation concluded that he risked his life to rescue call center agents trapped inside the burning burning.

The authorities identified him as Melvin Gaa, one of the members of the NCCC Emergency and Action Team who helped to assist the people to escape the harrowing fire incident.

According to the reports, Gaa already managed himself to go outside the building after saving 783 persons, but he went back upstairs to save more people seeking for help.

“Melvin had already brought down several SSI employees and was already seen having safely exited the building at the ground floor, but he went up again to try to save more people,” NCCC Mall spokesperson Thea Padua said in a statement.

“We offer his family our sympathies and recognize with the deepest gratitude Melvin’s sacrifice,” she added.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte also said that the body of Melvin showed that he didn’t back out to rescue the trapped call center agents even in the verge of his death.

“If you look at the location of his body, it looks like he was coming to their rescue,” Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte told the press.

His body was found at SSI lobby near the starway together with the other charred call center agents that he tried to save.

Reports said that Melvin Gaa is the only NCCC mall employee who died in the tragic fire incident.

Meanwhile, netizens praised Melvin for his ultimate sacrifice to save more people from the building.

“What a noble way to die by saving others at the expense of his own! He was true to his calling as “an emergency action man”. God may have given him the ultimate task of sacrifice for his eternal life. Indeed, a rare breed of a modern superhero! Farewell Melvin, the man for others! Let us ambivalently share both our condolences as well as congratulations to the bereaved, but proud, family and loved ones. God bless.” Virgilio Armonia remarked.

“Saludo ako s’yo Melvin. For me you are a great hero. Ano pa kaya yong mga taong na rescue nya from the raze of NCCC Fire. God knows your heart.” Erlinda Tagaro Nicolas said.

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